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The happiest people are those who have invested their time in others. The unhappiest people are those who wonder how the world is going to make them happy — John C. Maxwell

So, it’s been almost three months into working on this project with my team. We all started from zero. The five of us have never been into the same group before. But since we have the same goal, we work past our differences and learn about each other. We start to grow into the person other people would like to work with — a people person.

What does it mean?

In many…

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Okay, let’s say you have a team. And let’s say that it consists of brilliant individuals who are able to stand on their own. Dream team, right? But how do you know that they can work well together? How can you make sure that these people will give a great performance as a group? How can you make your project comes to life while having an enjoyable time doing it? Behind every great team, lies a great team dynamic. In this article, I will talk about team dynamics and how I experience it in real life.

Team Dynamics and How It Goes

Team dynamic is defined…

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Two months ago, my team and I started working on a project to build a web application. We’ve gone through all sorts of meetings to prepare the project. Long story short, we created the persona, sketched the wireframe, and have come to an agreement. When it’s time for us to start designing the user interface, we established a guide for us to follow. This article will cover about what design guideline is and how it’s useful in my project.

Why design guidelines?

Imagine you’re working on a team of five people and you have to design a user interface. I bet five heads…

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Let’s say that a member of your team works on a code in system A and another member that will test the code works in system B. There’s a chance that the code that was made in system A isn’t working in system B due to different environments. Now, how do we solve this problem? The most typical solution would be to use a virtual machine. However, why use virtual machine when there’s a better solution?

In this article, we will discuss about Docker and how I use it in my group project.

What is Docker?

Docker is a container-based tool made to…

User Interface
User Interface
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Designing a user interface (UI) is no easy task. Just like when we create a user persona, creating a user interface also needs a deep understanding of the user that will be using the application. There are some steps, guidelines, and values that we need to put our attention to in order to make a good UI. After all, anyone can design a UI, but not everyone can design a user-friendly UI.

This article will cover me and my team’s journey of designing a user interface for our PPL project.

First things first, make a wireframe. Immediately designing an interface…

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The first time I learned about TDD, I thought, “Oh, God. Do we really have to do this? Why would you make a test that’s bound to fail? How does that make sense?” I was even surprised that TDD was considered as one of the best practices in programming. Confession, for quite some times, I do have some troubles writing codes for testing. I struggle to understand why we need to do this extra work. But these are the thoughts I have before I realize that it shapes me to write better codes rather than burdens me. How? …

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“So if you want to go fast, if you want to get done quickly, if you want your code to be easy to write, make it easy to read.” — Robert Martin

I used to think as long as the code works, then all is well. But writing a functioning code isn’t enough. Turns out, there’s some quality attached to it and I have to say, I used to write bad ones. A code should not only be functioning, but it should also be understandable by other people, only then can a code be called clean.

A clean code has…

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When you design a product, you might picture how you want the product to turn out. Some may start by creating several features and designs that they think everyone will like. Unfortunately, this is a wrong way of thinking and may lead your product into a pool of hot mess. Though designing sometimes relies on intuition, you cannot rely on it before understanding what your target user needs. After all, you and your customer are two different people.

It is extremely important to conduct a research about target users in order to have a successful product. The knowledge of what…

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When you’re working on a project, you aim for the success of the project, right? Surely, there are some objectives that you want to achieve. That is why it’s essential to have a good project management system that can help you accomplish your goals. I’m here to save the day and introduce you to a method that will help you manage your project efficiently!

Currently, I’m working on a software development project for PPL course with a team of five. Among many software development methodologies, we decide to use one widely used by many. …

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When you’re a computer science student like I am, the word “git” may sound familiar to you. It is a tool that’s frequently used by developer to ease their work. Git comes in handy when you’re working on a group project. By using git, we can easily track other collaborator’s work and combine them with ours. Not only that, we can also compare changes and see modifications made by others. So, what is git exactly?

Git is a version control tool that allows you to keep track of changes or versions of multiple files while collaborating with other people on…

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